Find here all the practical information to prepare your visit and live the Rock Your Brain Fest – Summer Edition 2022 to the fullest!

General info

> JULY 24, 2022

1:00 p.m. – 01:00 a.m.


> JULY 25, 2022

12:00 p.m. – 01:00 a.m.



2-day pass holders can enter and exit the festival until 7:00 p.m. each day. Beyond that and for all day ticket holders, any outing is final.

> Mainstage

The main stage of the festival with its 2 giant screens where the best of the national and international scenes will perform, as well as the favorites of the programmer, and of course emerging artists.


> Tiki Area

Resolutely alternative while being in line with the general spirit of the festival, the Tiki Area will let you discover or rediscover both essential bands and emerging talents. Between masters of the genre and young shoots to follow, the Tiki Area brings together a panel of artists from all backgrounds and all continents ready to make you shiver with happiness!

You will also find on the festival site a village market where you can stroll between two concerts: crafts, clothing, jewelry, accessories, records…
A showcase area for solidarity, eco-responsible and environmental protection initiatives, the Solidarity Village is a place for meetings and sharing.
Relax in our Gaïa relaxation area! Furnished and decorated by us, this quiet little corner will delight festival-goers looking for a bit of tranquility.
In order to immerse festival-goers in an extraordinary universe, the Zone51 organisation continues to improve the visual aesthetics of its festivals to create a 100% immersive event. As such: stages, bars, relaxation areas, etc. will be improved. It is to our craftsman friends from “The Mad Studio”, supported by the “Hadra” association, that Zone51 has entrusted this mission of harmonizing the Tanzmatten site. Decorators from all over France but also from abroad will participate in this project. Together we are stronger!
  • Self-service drinking water points throughout the site (water must be used wisely, waste must be avoided),
  • A giant atomizer to refresh you,
  • Female urinals (Lapee),
  • Solid ablution units connected to the water network.

In 2019, the SUMMER VIBRATION was officially the first French festival to provide you with the very first Lapee female urinals! They will be in place this year at ROCK YOUR BRAIN FEST too!

A committed stance and a deep conviction, which is part of the DNA of the festival to change mentalities, defend gender equality and anchor the use of female urinals on outdoor events, more than 2 centuries after the appearance of the first male public urinals in Paris!

  • Any drink or bottle, water bottles and Camel Bags with non-alcoholic content only,
  • Glass, cans,
  • Animals,
  • Professional type cameras and audio/video recording devices. Small cameras and smartphones for strictly personal use are allowed,
  • Any object that is sharp or can be considered a weapon or a projectile,
  • Any substance prohibited by law,
  • Any commercial and promotional activity (without authorization from the organizing team).
Please the dedicated ashtrays on site, or your pocket ashtrays. PLEASE DO NOT throw your cigarette butts on the ground.

On Kombo, book your train (SNCF, TGV, Inoui…), bus (Flixbus, Alsa, Blablabus…) and plane tickets directly on all companies (Air France , Easyjet, Ryanair).


Save €10 on the trip of your choice with the code ZONE512022


Conditions: valid only for trips from July 19 to 28, 2022 for a first purchase.

A locker service is available at the tents campsite. MY LOCKER offers you:

  • A reservation & secure online payment
  • 4 locker sizes available from S to XL
  • Immediate receipt of your access by email & SMS
  • A USB socket included in each locker
  • Contactless opening thanks to your QR code
  • The ability to share your locker with your friends!
  • The end of queues

Reservations open May 20, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. with an EARLY BIRD price.

Go to www.mylocker.fr for more information.

Warning: Limited quantities!

Travel to rock your brain fest - summer edition

train ico

By Train

Get off at Sélestat station, then walk 15 minutes to Tanzmatten (festival site)

Strasbourg-Sélestat : 20 min journey
Colmar-Sélestat : 10 min journey
Muhlouse-Sélestat : 30 min journey
Paris-Sélestat : 2h journey

car ico


Two free car parks are available near the festival:

- Festival parking:
Avenue Adrien Zeller 67600 SÉLESTAT

- Camper parking:
Route de Marckolsheim 67600 SÉLESTAT (follow arrows)

car ico


Plan your trip on COVIEVENT

bus icon

By Bus

TIS provides public transport in the city of Sélestat. To access the festival get off at the stop « Médiathèque ».


Bicycle parking is available near the campsite and the festival.

airplane ico

By Plane

Nearest airports:

- EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

- Strasbourg Airport

Access map / Site Map

In order to prepare your stay at ROCK YOUR BRAIN FEST, you can rely on the access map:

As a reminder, two free car parks (limited spaces) are available near the festival:

– Festival parking: Av. Adrien Zeller 67600 Sélestat (see on Google Maps)

– Camper parking: Route de Marckolsheim 67600 SÉLESTAT (see on Google Maps)

Signposting will be set up in the municipality of Sélestat.

Faster, safer and easier


On the festival, exit cash, we go cashless.


A single medium to pay for all your drinks: at the bars, at the food stands, cashless is the only means of payment accepted.


“Traditional” means of payment such as bank cards or cash must be exchanged with cashless banks on the festival site. You will receive in exchange a cashless support which will serve as an electronic purse to pay for your purchases


For maximum simplicity, we advise you to preload your cashless support when purchasing your ticket or by creating your cashless account online before the festival.


You will receive your preloaded support at the entrance of the festival by presenting your ticket. Thanks to your account, you can recharge online at any time during the festival and thus avoid queues at the banks.

Food & beverages

To quench your thirst, no less than 4 bars will be installed on the site:


  • 1 main bar, about 35 linear meters of counter length,
  • 1 beer bar under a big top,
  • 1 organic wine bar to discover the richness of Alsatian grape varieties,
  • 1 coffee, tea and herbal tea bar.


To be as close as possible to festival-goers, a mobile team will crisscross the festival to quench the thirst of the most impatient, so as not to miss any concert notes!


Collection points are set up for festival-goers to drop off their cups.

More than 70 linear meters of catering stands: savory, sweet, street food, world cuisine, etc. everyone will find something to delight their taste buds!


Vegetarian and/or vegan dish available from each restaurant.


Note: our partners INTERMARCHÉ & SAINT’BIOZ offer you a selection of organic products suitable for all budgets.


ROCK YOUR BRAIN FEST 2022 collections

A range of clothing bearing the image of the festival or our association as well as essential accessories for the festival, all with an eco-responsible approach: water bottle, pocket ashtray, lighters…


It is also the info point of the festival, you will find a caring team there to answer your questions and guide you. You can also sometimes find lost items there.

Hearing prevention

And because your ears are important, we offer you various headphones and earplugs, free or paid, for adults and children.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs”, Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway (1987).


An economically efficient, socially equitable and ecologically sustainable development.

Our actions at our summer festivals:

Assessing impacts on surrounding natural areas when designing the festival.

Raising public awareness about soft mobility (bicycle, train, bus) and carsharing.

Bicycle parkings near the festival site and the campsite.

Good waste is waste that does not exist! Reduce packaging and favor large containers (e.g. reusable water bottle, fabric bag or reusable box, etc.)

  • Sorting kits distributed to festival-goers,
  • Selective sorting (glass, recyclable, non-hazardous waste, edible oils, bio-waste),
  • Collected and recycled cigarette butts.
  • Returnable cups
  • Water points connected to the drinking water network with timed buttons
  • Packaging and sale of products in returnable bottles
  • Employee teams, volunteers and artists sensitized to use their reusable water bottle
  • Signatory of the Drastic On Plastic charter
Engaging catering charter signed by our service providers (compostable dishes, favoring local and seasonal products, not offering endangered or vulnerable species, offering organic products or products from sustainable crops, offering at least 1 vegetarian and/or vegan dish , fight against food waste, etc.)
Our “Green Brigade” volunteers are involved to raise public awareness.
Dry toilets on our festival campsite and toilets connected to the network on the festival site


Let's act together for the planet!

Accessibility and disability (PRM & PWD)

Zone51 is committed to making its events accessible to as many people as possible. This is why we regularly implement actions aimed at improving the reception of People with Disabilities (PWD), so that culture is everyone’s business.

With Les Eurockéennes, L’Évasion Sélestat, l’Espace Django, Régie Access.

In order to arrange their stay at the festival, Persons with Disabilities can contact us via the online contact form:


We're all responsible

To deal with the risk of violence in the festive environment (sexual and sexist violence, injection, chemical submission, etc.), and to keep the party spirit as we like it, ZONE51 believes in solidarity and responsibility for all. It is together that we will be able to fight effectively against all these bad behaviors.

As a festival-goer, you can participate in this fight by remaining vigilant and alerting if you are a victim or witness of strange, inappropriate or worse behavior. To alert, use the SAFER application or contact a member of our team who will issue the alert.

ZONE51 sets up a complete system with particular attention to new phenomena observed in recent months:

  • A team of volunteers trained to raise public awareness of these issues, to keep an eye on inappropriate behavior and to activate an alert system in the event of the need for intervention. These volunteers are also trained to welcome the words of victims while waiting for the care of them by professionals.
  • The SAFER app, which allows everyone, victims and witnesses, to report any questionable behavior in order to mobilize the organization’s team.
  • The broadcast on giant screens for festival-goers of prevention messages and presentation of the system put in place. So that everyone becomes aware of the risks and knows how to best react.
  • The presence of associations and prevention organizations for the prevention of all risky behaviors (sexual and gender-based violence, alcohol, drugs, injections, etc.).

BECOME a volunteer

The festival would not exist without its hundreds of volunteers with multiple and varied talents and unparalleled good humor. We need everyone and all the skills so if you too want to take part in the adventure, register here to join the volunteer team (ZONE51 – Family) 2022!
Examples of missions among others:

FURTHER information

If you have not yet found the information you are looking for please contact us