Terms of Sale

The following terms and conditions (subject to change) apply to all ticket purchasers.

this term designates the Zone51 association, organizer whose head office is located Hotel d’Ebermunster, 2 Place du Docteur Maurice Kubler, 67600 SLESTAT), SIRET number 421 323 163 000 38. Telephone number: 03 88 92 02 05 / Mail :

Buyer :
this term refers to the contracting party having ordered or acquired a ticket offered by the seller on the site

Article 1: Ticket prices
Ticket prices are indicated in euros, all taxes included. The price shown on the front of the ticket is the total price paid by the spectator including our management fees and the commissions of our ticketing service provider.
The association reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the tickets will be invoiced on the basis of the prices in force at the time of the registration of the orders.

Article 2: Validity and control of tickets
Access to the event is subject to the validity check of your ticket. This ticket is only valid for the specific place, date and time of the event. Partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible tickets will be considered invalid and may be refused by the Zone 51 association if they cannot be scanned by our control devices.

Each ticket is provided with a bar code allowing access to the event to a single person. Beneficiaries of reduced rates must imperatively present the corresponding supporting documents.

The buyer remains responsible for the use made of the e-tickets, so in the event of loss, theft or duplication of a valid e-ticket, only the first person holding the e-ticket
can access the event.

Article 3: Refund / exchange of tickets
No ticket will be refunded or exchanged (unless canceled by us). In accordance with article L 121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, show tickets are not subject to
of a right of withdrawal.

It is entirely the responsibility of the buyer to verify the accuracy of the order before payment. In case
order error, loss or theft, no ticket will be refunded or exchanged.

Article 4: Cancellation and refund
In the event of cancellation of the entire event (all programming is cancelled), only the price of the ticket will be refunded.
In any case, no costs of any kind whatsoever will be reimbursed or compensated (rental costs, transport costs, accommodation, etc.).

In the event of modification or partial cancellation of the program, the refund of the ticket will be made at the discretion of the Zone 51 association, the event being maintained. Any refund of a ticket purchased online will only be made in favor of the original purchaser.

Regarding tickets purchased at the venue of the event at the evening cash desk, reimbursement will only take place against delivery of the ticket.

Section 5: Fraud
It is forbidden to reproduce, use a copy, duplicate, counterfeit this ticket in any way whatsoever, under penalty of criminal prosecution. Similarly, any order made using an illicit means of payment to obtain a ticket will result in criminal prosecution and the invalidity of this ticket.

A ticket may not be resold at a price higher than that shown on the front of the said ticket.

Article 6: Personal data
The information and data concerning you are necessary for the management of your order and for our commercial relations.
This information and data is also kept for security purposes, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, but also to allow us to improve and personalize the services we offer and the information we send you.

In accordance with the data protection act of January 6, 1978, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition, to information concerning you which can be exercised at the association Association Zone 51, Hotel d’Ebermunster , 2 Place du Docteur Maurice Kubler, 67600 SELESTAT.

Section 7: Picture
Any person participating in the events organized by the Zone 51 association consents, free of charge, the right to fix his image and his voice by means of photography or video and the right to use them on all communication media, physical or digital, in connection with the events organized by Zone 51 or the promotion of its activities, for a period of 10 years automatically renewed in the absence of refusal notified in writing (via e-mail or paper mail) with three months’ notice, and on the territory of the European Union.

Section 8: Security
The events remain and remain under the sole responsibility of the organizer. The acquisition of a ticket wins the case