The principle: a single device that you will use as your electronic purse to pay for all your consumption: at bars, at food stands, cashless is the only means of payment accepted. It is also the main means of payment on the campsites. “Traditional” means of payment such as bank cards or cash must be used to buy credits to load on your cashless wristband / card.


Create your account

Create or credit your cashless account when purchasing your ticket or on www.rockyourbrainfest.com

Get your wristband / card

At the festival entrance, you'll get your credited wristband (2 days ticket) or card (single day ticket).

Eat, drink, repeat!

You pay your consumptions with your wristband / card. Time saving and safe purchase!

Reload your account

During the festival, recharge your chip on the website www.rockyourbrainfest.com or at the cashless bank

Ask for a refund

After the festival, if there's still some credit, you can ask for a refund on www.rockyourbrainfest.com (connect to your account wittin a month after the festival).

The benefits

• Faster and easier: less queuing at the bars, food and merchandising stands of the festival. • Safer: no more cash, your chip serves as an electronic purse. With the wristband / card, your money is safe throughout the festival.

Your “Cashless” chip is an electronic purse. It is not linked to your bank account. You cannot be debited beyond the amount you have credited.


No. Wristbands are reserved for 2 DAYS TICKET holders. Single day tickets will receive a cashless card.

No, you can obtain and recharge your cashless chip directly at the cashless banks of the festival.

      • You will not be able to consume if you do not have a cashless chip. You will therefore have to go to the festival banks to obtain and load your cashless support.
      • In the event of loss or theft, if your chip is not affiliated with an account, we will be unable to transfer your remaining balance to a new chip during the festival.
  • At the end of the festival, you will have to create an account to be refunded if you have some credits left.

      • SAVE TIME
            • Upon your arrival, if you have preloaded your account, by collecting your preloaded medium directly at the entrances (no need to queue at a bank);
            • During the festival, by reloading online on your cashless account (no need to queue at a cashless bank);
        • When you top up online, by registering your bank card.
        • By blocking your online chip in the event of loss or theft.
        • During the festival, by reloading online on your cashless account (no need to queue at a cashless bank);
        • By consulting the balance of your chip and the history of your transactions at any time.
  • Get your cashless balance refunded in 2 clicks at the end of the festival
Note: the creation of an online account remains optional, and can be done at any time. However, it is necessary to be refunded, should you have some credits left at the end of the festival.

Before the festival, get your ticket (no matter which point of sale), and create your account by entering the barcode number. Choose the amount to be credited and pay by credit card.

Important: If you have several tickets, use the barcode number of the first day ticket so that your chip (card or wristband) is delivered to you as soon as the ticket is scanned.

If you preloaded credits when buying your ticket or creating your cashless account, all you have to do is collect your wristband or your cashless card at the entrance to the festival by presenting your ticket. Otherwise, head to the festival banks.

      • I have a cashless account: associate your chip with your account using the 6-letter identifier engraved on the chip. You can now recharge your chip online with just a few clicks.
  • I do not wish to create an account: “traditional” means of payment (bank cards or cash) must be exchanged with credits at the banks on the festival or campsite site.

To pay for your orders, simply swipe your chip at the payment terminal. With each transaction, the balance of your account is communicated to you.

You pay with your cashless chip at all points of sale at the festival:
  • bars ;
  • the "déssoiffeurs" (wandering bartenders) ;
  • catering stands ;
  • deposit refunds ;
  • ZONE51 merch shop.
Also on the campsites, cashless chips are accepted at the bar and at the food trucks. Please note: Cashless is not valid on artist merchandising stands or exhibitor stands.

I can check my available credit at any time at cashless banks and at various points of sale. We advise you to check your available credit before ordering. If you have created an account, your available balance can be viewed online at any time.

If I don't have enough credit, or want to split payment for my order, another cashless account can complete the transaction. Simply swipe the chips on the payment terminal one after the other.

If you created your account online, you can block your account directly online or by going to the info area of a cashless bank. You can then recover the money already credited to it. If credits have been consumed in the meantime, they cannot be recharged.

An activation fee of €1 is charged on your first top-up.

No, one account is enough! Remember to use the barcode number of the ticket for the first day you come so that your support is given to you as soon as your ticket is scanned.

Your cashless chip is activated for the 2 summer festivals (Summer Vibration from Wednesday July 21 to Saturday July 23, 2022 and Rock Your Brain Fest - Summer Edition from Sunday July 24 to Monday July 25, 2022). Your balance can therefore be used on all days of these 2 festivals. You have nothing to do.

Yes, for people who come as a family or in a group, you have the possibility of crediting several chips with a single cashless account, by clicking on the "manage my wallets" button.

Remember to keep your chip after the festival (or take a picture of it)! Each has a unique number necessary to repay the remaining credit.

To obtain the reimbursement of your balance, you will necessarily have to create an account. Log in to your account and verify that your balance appears. You can then request a refund. If your balance does not appear, check that your chip is linked to your account: the 6-letter identifier engraved on the support of your chip must be indicated next to your e-mail address.

For technical reasons, we are unable to refund sums of less than €1.

You will have a period of 4 weeks from Tuesday July 26, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. to Tuesday August 23, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. to recover your balance. To do this, log in to your account and check that your balance appears. You can then request a refund.

No refund request will be possible after Tuesday, August 23, 2022. After this date, the remaining credit will be definitively lost. For technical reasons, we are unable to refund sums of less than €1.

Yes, if you have created an account, you can access the summary of your transactions and, if necessary, request a receipt.

Yes, activate the option in your account and as soon as your balance will drop below the 10€ mark, it will be automatically topped up with 20€.

FURTHER information

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